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Arama_Cafe This is a community for aramatheydidnt </span> members to let loose, hangout, debate and laugh. Any topic is a good topic here. Likely there will be adult content. So that you know. Had a bad day? Want to show us pics of your cat? Come here to vent and rage about school work.

Membership Membership is moderated.

Accepted (Must have all 3)
Journal Activity.
Member or watching aramatheydidnt
No history of trolling.

No journal activity.
History of trolling.
No membership or not watching aramatheydidnt

Note: If you were rejected from joining; Most of the time, it's because of not having any journal activity or a journal being so new that it's not even a month or so old. No friends, no entries or no communities. Those journals would be suspicious since trolls are not welcome here.

Profile Codes
1. No spamming</b>

Example icon posts, promotional, ads; any post that does not include discussions.

2. No member bashing

We might disagree, call each other out on things but here is the not the place for it.

3. No Jerks

You will get banned and most of the time without warning.

4. Adult Content

NSFW (not safe for work) content must have a warning and images must be placed behind a cut. We don't want people parents and work colleagues getting angry at them.

http://milou-veronica.livejournal.com/ <------ She did the lovely layout.